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HDC Enterprises

What is HDC Enterprises?

HDC Enterprises is a new initiative that will help us continue to fulfill our mission by providing a service that started it all nearly 50 years ago.
Located within a designated area of the HDC workshop, HDC Enterprises gives individuals an opportunity to work as regular part-time HDC employees receiving all the benefits of that status. They are paid minimum wage to start and perform high quality work for many area businesses.

How does HDC Enterprises differ from the regular HDC workshop?

Participants in the HDC Enterprises area are considered regular employees, so HDC will no longer receive funding for individuals involved in HDC Enterprises. Those individuals working in this area will have support services available to them should the need arise, but they will be regular employees with all the benefits and expectations that come with that status.

Why is HDC Enterprises necessary?

HDC has a long history of providing a sheltered work environment for people with developmental disabilities. Many families, program participants, and people in the community have seen the value of the workshop and have expressed a desire to have it available as an option.
In recent years, there has been a movement to reduce, and eventually to eliminate, funding for individuals involved in sheltered workshops.

Since many participants at HDC and their families appreciate the opportunities provided through the workshop, HDC is committed to continuing to offer the workshop as an option. In order to do that, HDC Enterprises has been developed to help sustain the workshop without relying on funding that will soon be unavailable.

What kind of work does HDC Enterprises do?

In a 5510 square foot workshop space, a ready workforce, as well as equipment and tools are available to complete many and varied jobs, including:

Basic Woodcutting
Small Part Assembly

Our Director of Operations and Sales assists customers with determining how HDC Enterprises can help their business.


What are some benefits of working with HDC Enterprises?

By working with HDC Enterprises, businesses can operate more efficiently by saving on space, equipment, training costs, and overhead. And, they can feel good about outsourcing work to improve their company’s efficiencies, while at the same time, providing work to a ready and willing workforce of individuals who appreciate the opportunity to contribute.
Some companies who have already recognized the benefits of HDC Enterprises are:

Deere & Co.
Iowa Precision Forge
Car-Freshener Corp.
HC Duke
Jancy Engineering
Schumacher Co.
Schebler Company
Bee Line

Contact Scott Bitting, Director of Operations and Sales for more information about HDC Enterprises:
Phone number:  563-391-4834 | E-mail: mailto:scottbitting@hdcmail.org