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Handicapped Development Center Surveys

Please take a few minutes to complete an online survey.  Two online surveys are available, and must be completed by November 24, 2017.

One survey is designed for HDC participants. Individuals can go online to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VG9LPWM in order to complete the survey.  This survey includes questions for all four program areas (Employment Services, Personal Independence Services, Community Residential Services and the Residential Center).

If individuals need or request assistance to complete the survey, HDC Casemanagers are available to help.  If families would prefer to assist their family member with completing the survey, they should contact the individual’s Employment Services or Personal Independence Services Casemanager.

For HDC participants who are not involved in one of the two day programs (Employment Services or Personal Independence Services), someone will be in contact with you to provide instructions and an opportunity to complete a survey.

The second survey contains questions directed toward families/guardians/interested persons. The link to this survey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SMBWBTR.

Paper copies of both surveys are available by request at all HDC locations. However, we encourage everyone to complete the online version, if possible.  The deadline for the surveys to be completed is November 24, 2017.  We appreciate your honest and constructive feedback.