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2018 Iowa Legislative Review

During the 2018 Iowa legislative session, many legislators heard from their constituents about Medicaid services and the transition to managed care organizations (MCOs).

Two bills to address some of the billing and communication concerns unanimously passed the House, but the Senate did not bring them up for a vote. However, there are still some items of interest for people with disabilities and their families, including:

*Medicaid funding was increased by $55.1 million; however, none of that will go to increase rates managed care organizations (MCOs) are paid by the state.

*Included in the Health/Human Services budget, $1.6 million was allocated to pay for stronger oversight of MCOs. Among other things, MCOs are now required by law to:
 Pay claims accurately, use the right rates, and give reasons for any denials,
 Correct any errors they find in their systems and reprocess claims within 30 days,
 Use a standard Medicaid provider enrollment form and uniform credentialing process.

*Home and community based services (HCBS) providers received an extra $3 million to tiered rates. DHS will convene a special work group to determine how best to adjust tiered rates using these funds.

To stay informed about what’s happened in the Iowa legislature, here is a useful link: http://www.infonetiowa.org/