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2015 – 2016 Highlights

TRANSPORTATION NEEDS: New vans were purchased to provide more opportunities for people to get out in the community.

SUBCONTRACTS: Net subcontract income from Employment Services jobs was $312,867.

PARTICIPANT WAGES: Wages paid to participants working at HDC were $318,616.

VOLUNTEERS: Many individuals and groups volunteered at HDC. Whether they worked directly with participants, served a meal or completed a work project, they made a valuable contribution. Some of the groups that volunteered their time were: American Legion Post 26, Asbury United Methodist Youth Group, St. Ambrose University, Nursing Students,John Deere Employees and Davenport Police Association.

Group HOME RENOVATIONS: Using funds from the HANDS Auxiliary fundraisers, the group homes had bathrooms remodeled, new carpet laid, appliances replaced, and more.

SECURITY UPGRADE: New security procedures were implemented at all HDC facilities to ensure a safer environment for participants, staff and visitors.

IMPROVED COMMUNICATION: A Office 365 was implemented to help facilitate communication within the organization.

MCO TRANSITION: Medicaid services transitioned to managed care organizations. HDC contracted with two of the three MCO’s.

STRATEGIC PLAN: HDC staff, board, and others participated in the development of a new strategic plan, which included new vision, mission and value statements.

SENSORY PATH: An asphalt trail was poured at the Residential Center, thanks to many generous individuals, The Easter Egg Scramble 5KRun/Walk and Jaycees of the Quad Cities. Sensory stations are planned along the trail.

HDC ENDOWMENT: Endowment fund earnings were used to complete many much-needed projects. Donors to the Endowment Fund over the years made many good things happen at HDC this year.

LEAVING A LEGACY: HDC received funds from several individuals who generously included bequests to the Center in their wills; funds that helped support some great projects.






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Handicapped Development Center

People with disabilities have the same fundamental rights and needs as everyone else. They want to be loved, to feel worthy, and to be part of their community. HDC helps people achieve those goals.

By being consumers, employees, taxpayers, and neighbors, HDC participants achieve a sense of belonging. From the work they do, they experience pride and satisfaction for doing a job well and being rewarded by a paycheck. By living in the community, they learn what it's like to pay bills and how to be a responsible citizen and a good neighbor.

Handicapped Development Center

Handicapped Development Center06/23/2017 at 8:40am

Last night, the Olsens did a great job explaining the ABLE Act. Next week, we'll learn about special needs trusts. Come and join us!

Handicapped Development Center

Handicapped Development Center06/22/2017 at 9:47am

Staff and participants planted cattails and milkweek to create a mini bioswale at the Brady St. building. They are enjoying the outdoors while they tend to the area.

Handicapped Development Center

Handicapped Development Center06/21/2017 at 2:56pm

Join us tomorrow to learn the latest on the ABLE Act.

Handicapped Development Center

Handicapped Development Center06/20/2017 at 9:07am

Handicapped Development Center

Handicapped Development Center06/19/2017 at 6:17am

On these hot days, those new umbrellas are a welcome break from the sun, especially when people are waiting for their buses at the end of the day. Thanks for the grant to put these up Theisen's!