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Comfort and Joy

Picture yourself with a soft, cuddly blanket, a recliner in the tilt-back position, and a TV at just about eye level.

Just thinking about that might make you smile. Those things sure make Maggie smile. She lives at the HDC Residential Center, and although she isn’t able to talk, there’s no mistaking how comfortable she is when she sits in her favorite spot, watching TV with a blanket across her lap and a remote in her hand.

What never enters Maggie’s mind when she’s this picture of contentment is, “I’m sure glad the boiler system is working so it stays warm and comfortable in here.” No one really gives much thought to their furnace until something goes wrong with it.

Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the boiler in Maggie’s home, but good thing for Maggie, someone else is working on the problem.

The boiler system at the Residential Center is the one originally installed 32 years ago. It’s the heartbeat of the heating and air conditioning for the building, which is home to Maggie and 59 others who shouldn’t have to worry about things like boilers. Although the system has been limping along for quite a while, it needs to be replaced. Parts aren’t available and the system is obsolete.

Replacing the boiler system is no small project, but obviously it has to be done. No one likes spending money on these kinds of things, but the health and safety of everyone at the Residential Center depends on it.

This is not be the most exciting project, but it is important. You can ensure the comfort of Maggie and her housemates with a gift to help replace the old boiler system.

When you make a gift to HDC, you provide immediate resources that make it possible to get things started right away and have an impact right now. We would be very grateful if you would consider a donation of $50, $100 or whatever amount you can give to help with this project at Maggie’s home. If you would prefer to give to another worthy project at HDC, you are welcome to do that instead. Whatever you decide, we will abide by your wishes and be truly grateful for your generosity.

To make a donation, you can send a check to 3402 Hickory Grove Road, Davenport, IA 52806 or <make a donation on line by clicking here>.

Thank you for what you are about to make possible.