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Awards for Staff Excellence

Every year at the HDC Board of Directors’ Annual Recognition Dinner, staff members from each department are presented with an HDC Excellence Award for performing their duties above and beyond what is expected.  This year’s excellence award recipients were:


Residential Center:                                       Casey Mbakwe, Nurse                    

Personal Independence Services:              Stephanie Anderson, Mealtime Aide                   

Employment Services:                                 Amber Williams, Casemanager                                        

Community Residential Services:               Joni Holt, Support Staff                                          

Support Staff:                                                Ann Fell-Miller, Accountant


In addition to these awards, one staff person is presented with the Gary Ashcraft Memorial Award, which recognizes someone who displays humor, dedication, and a positive attitude. All staff members are invited to submit nominations for the Gary Ashcraft award.   


This year’s recipient was:                             Daniel Luke Ade, Resident Counselor


Congratulations also goes to those staff members who were nominated for this honor:


Jessica Powers, Personal Independence Aide

Kathy Kress, Employment Services Shop Supervisor

Amber Williams, Employment Services Casemanager

Destany Metcalf, Community Residential Services Casemanager

Diane Wyatt, Housekeeping Supervisor

Monique McNesby, Employment Services Instructor

Connie Thompson, Job Coach

Diantha Hill, Medical Advocate


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Participant Achievement Award Presented

At the HDC Board of Directors’ Recognition Annual Dinner each year, participants from each department are presented with an Achievement Award for goal achievement and other accomplishments.


The 2018 Participant Achievement Award Recipients:


Residential Center:                                       Debra Hoon  

Personal Independence Services:              Robert “Bob” Allison                       

Employment Services:                                 David Andresen                   

Community Employment Services:           Donald Cole                          

Community Residential Services:              Rosemary McShane


These individuals worked hard on their goals during this year and received the recognition they deserve with a plaque and words of praise.