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HDC Needs Your Help…

HDC Needs Your Help…

Your Help Is Needed To Provide This Project

 Most days Sarah likes coming to work, but some days she doesn’t.  It’s not for the reasons you might think though.  Sarah loves what she does at the Personal Independence program, and she likes seeing her friends there every day.  What she doesn’t like is the transition from the van she rides to getting into the building on rainy, snowy, or really hot days.  Sarah isn’t able to speak, so she doesn’t express her feelings quite that bluntly, but she has ways to help get her point across to others.

 At the Personal Independence Services building on Brady Street, most people need accessible transportation, so they ride vans back and forth from home each day.  The vans park some distance from the building to load and unload, which means everyone is exposed to whatever the weather happens to be that day.  Holding an umbrella and steering a wheelchair at the same time is not easy, so people get wet sometimes.  For most people, that would not be a big deal, but for the folks who attend the Personal Independence program, it is.  Their ability to fight off illness is often compromised because of the physical or medical conditions they experience.

 To help Sarah and others like her at the Personal Independence program, we would like to build a protective cover that would protrude from the building.  Vans and other vehicles would be able to drive up to the building and drop people off or pick people up under the overhang while everyone is protected from the elements.

With your help, we can get the protective covering built yet this year.  Please consider making a gift of $50, $100, or whatever you would like to make this project a reality.  If this project is not something you are interested in supporting, we ask that you consider making a gift to support one of the other many wonderful projects at HDC that enhance the lives of people with disabilities at the Center.  Also, gifts to the HDC Endowment Fund will ensure program and service enhancements can happen in the future.

 To make a gift, send a check to HDC at 3402 Hickory Grove Road, Davenport, IA 52806 or CLICK HERE